+What kind of work can I assess with SmartRubric?

You can use SmartRubric to assess almost any kind of work, but it's best for assessing long-answer tasks, essays, projects or performances where you are interested in more than one assessment objective.

There is a checklist mode, so it possible to assess short answer or multiple choice questions, but if most of your assessments consist of questions that are either right or wrong, you may find another tool more useful.

+What subjects or specifications can I assess with SmartRubric?

SmartRubric is completely curriculum agnostic. That means you can build rubrics (or adapt templates) to match any specification. It doesn't matter what subject or level you teach, or what country you are in, SmartRubric can save you time and improve the quality of your progress data.

+Does SmartRubric integrate with my school's MIS?

We are currently working on integrating with a third-party API switchboard that will let SmartRubric securely share information with most mainstream school MISs.

We hope to have this ready in time for the next academic year. If this is important to you, please drop us a line at [email protected].

+Is SmartRubric available in my language?

SmartRubric is translation-ready. That means that we should be able to build a local version of the site for almost any language very quickly -- all we need is someone to translate the string tables used to generate SmartRubric's text.

If you would like to talk to us about creating a version of SmartRubric in your language, please drop us a line at [email protected].

+Can students or parents log in?

The short answer is: not yet.

We recognise that most students are still receiving formative assessment feedback in their books or folders, so our priority was to match existing teacher workflows as closely as possible.

When teachers have finished marking an assessment, they can download a batch of PDFs with a sheet or two for each student that contains levels, targets and commentary (both automatically generated plus any additional comments the teacher has added). These can be printed out and given to each student, or emailed directly depending on the customs of the school.

Student log ins are definitely something we want to do, and soon, because they open up a huge range of possibilities in terms of giving students even greater ownership over their progress. We'll keep you posted!

+How much time is going to take me to set up my account?

We recognise how profoundly busy teachers are, and we wanted to provide a tool that will give the greatest possible return on time investment.

You can set up an account from scratch and start marking real student work in under ten minutes, and this video shows you how.

SmartRubric has a growing library of rubric templates so that you have the option of customising an existing rubric to meet your students' needs instead of building one from scratch.

+What devices can I use to mark?

SmartRubric is a web app, which means you can use any internet connected device to access it.

If you are marking work using a big mark scheme, you may wish to stick to using a tablet or laptop.

+What about security?

All of the data is hosted on Microsoft's cloud storage system (Azure) and connections to and from this server are encrypted using SSL to ensure that it can’t be intercepted.

Microsoft Azure is an industry standard for data security, privacy and compliance. If you are interested in more details about how they secure data,here’s a link to a PDF produced by Microsoft that may help put your mind at rest. Security of student information is obviously of paramount importance, and it’s something that has always been at the forefront of the design process for us.