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"...So easy to use, so quick and the feedback students get is incredibly detailed."

What is SmartRubric?

SmartRubric is a web app that uses custom, interactive rubrics to capture rich formative assessment data while you mark.

SmartRubric generates consistent personalised AFL for each piece of student work. With the touch of a button, you can easily create clear, meaningful reports about individual, group or cohort progress against specific skills.
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Great for Students

High quality, personalised feedback helps students understand and take ownership of their own progress and what they need to do to improve. At-a-glance reporting reveals strengths and weaknesses.

Great for Teachers

Mark complex, open-ended work faster and more consistently. Access meaningful formative progress data in real time without any data entry. Organise and manage complex mark schemes.

Great for Schools

Understand the progress of key groups against specific assessment objectives, and measure the impact of interventions in real time. Lift the burden of data entry from the shoulders of your staff.

    I would just like to say a huge thank you for revolutionising the way we work! We started using Smart Rubric this academic year and have not looked back. It is so easy to use, so quick and the feedback students get is incredibly detailed. Mark books are readily available for transferring to reports and for use at parents evening. We will definitely be continuing our subscription for many years to come.
- Emily Hollis, Associate Assistant Headteacher and Director of Teaching and Learning
  Woodcote High School, London Borough of Croydon

    Smart Rubric provides us with a simple, streamlined and powerful tool to assess students and provide quality feedback. I love how much time it has already saved me in marking - I can sail through a whole class assessment which would have taken me a few hours to mark in under an hour.
      Once you have established a few rubrics, it is simplicity itself to adapt them for different classes or assignments.
- James Topping, 2nd in Charge of English
  The Catholic High School, Chester

How it works

Create Rubrics

Create and share fully customisable, interactive rubrics that perfectly fit the needs of your students and your curriculum, regardless of what you teach.

Assess Students

Use these rubrics to quickly and efficiently assess your students. You do what you normally do, we capture rich, fine grained data.

Create Reports

With the click of a button, generate useful reports for students, parents and schools. It's easy to track the impact of interventions and support your teaching practice.

Understand Progress

An interactive gradebook and intuitive infographics help you understand how students are progressing against specific objectives.

For full details of all of SmartRubric's features, please have a look at the product specification.
We also post updates about features on our blog.

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